For over 50 years, Thermobile Industries BV has specialized itself in the development, production and international sales and marketing of, both mobile and stationary, space heaters. We offer advice, efficient delivery and worldwide service to our customers. Our solution-oriented way of thinking and manufacturing of custom-tailored designs, have resulted in a large portfolio that is continuously being updated with the latest technologies.

Thermobile distinguishes itself through quality, reliability and sustainability of its products. We always try to offer additional value to our customers and support for all heat requests.

Our products are manufactured with great care and they are extensively tested. A permanent quality control system, according to ISO 9001: 2015 is integrated in the production process. All Thermobile heaters comply with European standards. All models carry the mandatory CE marking and are also in accordance with the EAC standard certification.

New products



The IMAC3000 EC2T is the latest air heater with a capacity from 230kW to 295kW. Together with its powerful EC fan, which has a maximum air flow rate of over 17,000 m3/h, this is a nice addition to our extensive range.


Compact, powerful, quick and easy to install. These are the two latest coolmobiles C72 and C145. With capacities of 21kW and 42kW respectively, rapidly rising temperatures in tents can be quickly reduced to a comfortable level.


Also new is our mobile air cleaner LR2000. Equipped with a HEPA 13 filter as a standard and an air flow rate of 2,311 m3/h you can quickly clean your work area of harmful dust particles.


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