SKP GmbH is the specialist for the manufacture of cleaning systems for tent tarpaulins, tent and exhibition floors, carpeting and side wall elements. We also offer solutions for cleaning chairs, tables, post-drying systems and water recycling systems. Our systems are completely manufactured in-house and are in use worldwide.



The LB5000 is the new entry-level model from SKP GmbH. With manual operation, the inexpensive alternative to cleaning tarpaulins up to 20m long.


The QM3000 is the supplement for the 3 meter range. Gables and side tarpaulins can be cleaned with the QM3000 using a different washing process with an extremely high throughput. The automatic program sequence ensures easy handling.

PR6000VGe Profi-Line

The PR6000VGe Profi-Line is the digitized cleaning system from SKP. An optimized user interface increases the ease of use of the PR6000VGe Profi-Line significantly. In addition, the PR6000VGe Profi-Line ensures that tarpaulin cleaning runs smoothly through optimized self-diagnosis and independent re-ordering of cleaning and care products. The app connection for the cleaning system is also new. This means that data such as downtimes, current output, daily throughput and weekly throughput can be clearly viewed.


Tentmaster 2

The Tentmaster 2 simplifies tent construction considerably. Thanks to the electric pulling units, which can be controlled individually or synchronously by remote control, the tarpaulin is pulled in with just three employees in record time.


The RC1400 is the drum cleaning system from SKP GmbH for the gentle cleaning of side tarpaulins, special tarpaulins and folding tents. Up to 10 washing programs can be set up and factors such as duration, amount of water, speed and angle of rotation can be configured individually.

SKPident - Contactless detection of tent elements

With the SKPident warehouse management system, you can equip your tent tarpaulin and other elements with tags. The SKPident app not only gives you an overview of your material, how often it was cleaned and when it was rented, but it can also be rented, packed and processed directly.


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