Around TENTS Shop

In the Around TENTS Shop you can purchase innovative products for the industry, regional products and the helpful SKP products directly at the exhibition.

Regional Products

Various regional products from Mühlacker can be purchased in the Around TENTS shop.


Honey from Mühlacker

Jaggy wine

Different wines and secco
from the Jaggy winery in Ötisheim

Crib to Go

Crib to go

Innovative Products

SKP GmbH offers various helpful products for direct purchase.

MANN + HUMMEL filter


The antiviral air cleaner OurAir SQ2500 from MANN + HUMMEL, which uses the innovative HEPA14 filter to clean 99.995% of viruses and bacteria from the air.



The TRIAC AT and the UNIPLAN 500, two hot air devices from Leister for welding and shrinking plastic.

ZIPLEVEL High Precision Altimeter


The ZIPLEVEL electronic hose leveler for measuring height differences up to 30m in length.

Erection tool for pagoda-style tents

Pagoda aid

The tent assembly aid for quick and safe assembly and dismantling of pagoda tents.



Antiviral surfaces
- handrail
- door handles
- Self-adhesive surface

SKP Products

SKP GmbH offers various SKP products for direct purchase.

SKP Repair


The SKP Repair for repairing tarpaulins and attaching SKPident tags.

SKP cleaning and care products


The SKP cleaning and care products.

SKP clamps


The manual clamps from SKP, single or double.


Hand and surface disinfectants