Forsstrom High Frequency AB was established in 1970 in the small town Lysekil, on the Swedish west coast.
Forsstrom develops, manufactures and sells machines for welding PVC and PU material through the use of high frequency (HF) technology. In Lysekil, we don’t only have our machine manufacturing, but also Forsstrom HF Demo Center where it is possible to learn more about HF-machines, make test welds and prototypes.

Forsstrom's customers manufacture a wide variety of end products such as tents, lightweight structures, oil booms, halls, billboards, speed doors, tarpaulins, biogas containers, liquid tanks and inflatable products, etc.


PTW 500-800

Forsstrom PTW is a HF Platen welding machine with a stable controlled HF power output, ideal for various HF welding applications that require precision flat surface for product positioning and complex shape welds.

TX Automatic

Forsstrom TX Automatic is a fully automatic high frequency welding machine for continuous production.
With the TX Automatic you can produce keder and tubes, etc. in an automatic continuous process.

TG-90 Mega 300-1000

The TDW is a large travelling machine with customized table length and it has 785 mm of free space behind the electrode.
With its fast machine movement, the ability to pre-program welding cycles and the ability to switch the machine over to automatic welding, the TDW machine is suitable for large products with long, straight welds, such as tents, truck covers and billboards, as well as large-scale production.


MG-Flex 300

Forsstrom MG-Flex 300 is a compact HF-welding machine with a welding head that can rotate 180°.

TX 200-500

Forsstrom TX is a reliable and efficient high frequency welding machine with up to 500 cm² weld area. The well-balanced machine can both be used as a stand-alone and as a complement to a larger system of welding machines.

TDW 200-1000

The TDW machine (5-25 kW) is one of our most popular models and has been part of Forsstrom’s machine range for over 25 years.


Sören Zetterström
Sales Manager Europe

Fon: +46 523 66 66 06