FH Furniture

FH Furniture is a furniture expert and service provider for major event companies, furniture rental companies and other businesses

As a proficient manufacturer and supplier of functional furniture and decorative linens, we offer a wide range of products for major event service companies.

FH Furniture offers foldable and stackable furniture with matching equipment (e.g. folding tables, folding and stacking chairs, covers & table skirting) in a range of designs, with matching options to suit every need!


Folding and stacking chairs

Folding chair

Practical folding chair, available in different versions. The simple mechanism enables assembly and dismantling in seconds and lets you react flexibly to the corresponding number of guests. Also suited for outdoor usage. Matching accessories such as transport trolleys, row connectors and chair covers can be found in our range.

Stackable banquet chair

Ideally suited for events in an upscale setting. The handle on the medallion-shaped back ensures easy handling. Up to 10 chairs can be stacked on top of each other. Also available with armrests as an option.

Banquet tables and accessories

Banquet table

Tailored to your needs. Multiplex plate, with additional plate reinforcement and self-locking folding system. You will find suitable transport trolleys in our range.



Made of 100% cotton, with an elastic band. Available in all common table sizes.


Damask tablecloth with atlas edge, 100% cotton. Available in all common table sizes.

Transport trolley

Transport trolley Flex Uni Knock Down, suitable for 5-7 high tables, 9 banquet tables, 20 banquet chairs or 20 Rimini bar stools.

Bar tables and accessories

The high table with a foldable 4-leg frame is available in different versions. Its weatherproof, scratch-resistant and heat-resistant surface make it particularly resistant. The folding system is self-locking and quick to assemble and dismantle. You can find additional accessories such as covers, bar stools and transport trolleys in our range.

 Transport trolley

Transport trolley for various high tables. In the large version for: 10 Mainz, 12 Freiburg, 14 Brussels in the small version for 5 Mainz, 6 Freiburg, 7 Brussels

Cover for high tables

Noble high tablecloth for the optical enhancement of your high tables or to protect against wear and tear. It adapts perfectly to the shape of the table and can be attached in a few simple steps. Easy-care and non-iron, consisting of body and top. Available in many different colors.

Coat rack

Dimensions (WxDxH): 143x55x150-200 cm, with two extendable arms, each 35 cm, adjustable in height.

New Releases

Risto - folding table and bench - in a vintage look

Foldable wooden furniture made of solid spruce. Available in various dimensions, both as a standing and sitting table.

Alex series in industrial style

The Alex series consists of a high table, optionally with a metal or wooden top, as well as matching bar stools and stacking chairs. These are available in different finishes.


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